The Coke Trilogy

Malik Toole rose to the top of the drug game in the 80’s selling cocaine when the crack cocaine epidemic hit. He took everything he learned from being born and raised in the streets to become a millionaire by the time he was eighteen years old. It wasn’t until he met Elisa, an upper middle class college girl from an upstanding family who would become his future wife, did he learn how to take his illegal earnings and make it appear his money was legit. During his rise there was one girl from his neighborhood named Trinity that he continued to deal with even after he married Elisa and another woman that helped take his drug game to the ultimate level.
In The Coke Trilogy find out how one man’s decision will have a domino effect of chaos that carries through each generation that might ultimately destroy Malik and everyone he loves.

So Hood So Rich

Milo is out of the dope game, running a successful Sports Bar & Lounge. But when his close friend is murdered by Midnight, the leader of Dirt Gang Crips, it ignites a gang war that pulls him right back in. Milo partners up with Billy Bob, who committed his first murder when he was only 14 years old while saving Milo’s life. Five years later, Billy Bob is now the leader of HoodRich, a loyal crew of hustlers that runs the same streets Milo was raised in.
BoDeen is Milo‘s brother-in-law. His reign as a drug Kingpin was unstoppable, until he was put on death row for murdering two DEA agents. When his high priced attorney is able to get him out on appeal, BoDeenis intent on reclaiming his former glory with his loyal wife Missy, right by his side.
As their worlds collide, it is only a matter of time before more blood is shed and lives are lost, when everyone is trying to be So Hood So Rich.