I am

Joy Deja King

My first novel, Dirty Little Secrets was published in 2006 by St. Martin’s Press. In 2008 I launched my own publishing company, A King Production. Since then I have published over fifty novels and sold over a million books independently. It has always been my dream, to take the knowledge that I’ve gained from my many years in this business, to help other authors achieve success. I’m excited about my latest venture and look forward to giving so many talented writers, a voice in the world of publishing.
Joy Deja King

Mission Statement

Are you having difficulty building your name as an Author, and creating a loyal following in the competitive book industry? Do you believe your story has the potential to be a Bestseller, but is being overlooked because millions of fiction novels are on the market. If so, A King Production is the publishing company for you.  We will market your title and you as an Author, to give you the name recognition necessary to succeed. In this cutthroat publishing business, it takes much more than a good story to stand out from the rest. You need a company that is committed to giving you and your book the marketing push it needs. Our ultimate goal is to publish your book, build up your name and fan base, so that when you’re ready, you can create your very own brand.

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